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I love living at Forum. There are a lot of community benefits - huge pool, gym, dog parks, volleyball court, basketball court, study room, tanning beds, valet trash, and gated community!

Imma be honest I love the Forum , the people in the front office people were very unhelpful . They need to learn some compassion for others.

The rooms are quiet, the place is neat, security is very visible, and the people are friendly. So far I am enjoying my stay here and looking forward to a great fall.

i move into the forum this upcoming fall and i’m super excitied based off all of the instagram pictures i’ve seen and all the activities that they show on their feed that they offer

Don't live here just yet but excited to move in and enjoy all of the amenities, I'm excited for an amazing year at the Forum. From what I've seen its a major upgrade from my old place.

Well, I don’t live in the forum yet but I think it’s absolutely beautiful. I follow their social media pages and they’re always feeding residents and having events and I think I will feel a “community feel” when I live there in a few months.

besides the leak in my bathroom it was a nice to live there and maintanence was very fast to come whenever you had an issue. also loved the gym area

The Forum is a really nice place and offers really nice upgraded appliances. They have one of the best gyms I’ve seen in Tallahassee and the leasing office is very helpful.

Amazing even though a little far from FSU but that keeps the price low. I did need a new key fob because I lost mine and they have none which is a little annoying. The pool is huge. Rooms are decent size.

I’ve been living here for 2 years, and I’ve have nothing but a great experience! Although I’m moving out unfortunately, I enjoyed my time here, and would suggest to anyone

So far, my experience has been great! I’ve only lived here for one month, but I have seen no bad signs to turn me away. I can’t wait to participate in the fun community-building events be Forum has to offer!

Very clean and nice location had a great time when i visited gym very nice and clean as well had lot of workout space and room i had a blast when i looked around the apartment it was spacious

I have not moved in yet!! But so far I am pleased by the service I received while I was touring and signing my lease. I am excited to move into a new apartment with a remarkable environment.

Fine it wasn’t the best, but the living arrangements was ok. It was the definition of average. I could hear everything outside. The walls were like made of paper and I hated it.

The Forum has an amazing pool and amenities, actual apartment is not very nice. Furniture seems cheap but other than that its good. The size of the living room and room in the 4x4 is perfect

It’s an amazing apartment with amazing ameneties and an work out facility. The people that live here are also amazing. A very friendly environment.

I love the Forum especially the no towing aspect. It allows me to invite friends over with ease and have a great time. The staff is always helpful with my mail.

I haven't moved in as yet but I am so excited to live in the Forum! The amenities, staff, location, etc made my decision to sign the lease much easier.

Love the community. Good maintainence and always respond quickly. Pool is super nice and so is the gym. Love living here! Just wish prices weren't too high.

I haven't lived here long but so far I really like it. The neighborhood seems to have everything you need except for good wifi. Its really clean but the dog owners don't pick up after their dogs. Everyone is nice and friendly, including the staff.

Great pool. Good amenities. The events are also really good. I wish the apartment would tell about the events more in advanced though because I feel like I always miss them.

I have really enjoyed living at the forum. The amenities are great and the property looks so clean all the time. Maintenance and staff are usually good

great . great. ggreat place. with awesome amenities, little bit far from FSU though, but nice place either way. very chill and cool people.

Can’t wait to live here! I heard a lot of great things from this place and it think it offers a lot for college students and for a great rate!

Quality serivice front office staff is great.the pool partys create for a great time and the front office often has events such as free breakfast and dinners during finals.

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