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It's pretty good, but pretty steep for the wallet. I've had a few issues with things that were clearly shortcuts taken to save time and money. I had a water leak in my bathroom when i first moved in, and the ethernet connections were never set up for my apartment. It can be noisy pretty often, but it's definitely a comfortable place to live.

The forum tallahassee is a great place to live for student living. there is always something going on with the community, and the staff is great whenever you need help with a problem. its a really nice luxury place to live

I would say that overall my experience here was pleasant. At times it could be a bit frustrating with the amenities being closed, but here has a friendly staff and a suitable place to live.

Good, rent increase is unfortunate tho. Facilities are excellent, study rooms/areas are great! Need better monitoring of sports courts unfortunately.

Great place to live! very cozy. The amenities are great. The pool is nice & the staff is helpful & friendly. The study room is always quiet which makes it easy to get work done.

Only cons are road noise (if you live in an apartment that is on the Tennessee St. side), noise from the apartments above and below, as well as occasional bugs.

I really like it here - the Forum puts a lot of effort to give back to the residents here. The pool parties are always fun, there's food in the lobby sometimes, and the staff is proactive with their response time on facebook. I just wish maintenance checks would leave a notice that they entered our unit already if we were out. That way I don't have to shut my cat in my room every time I leave for an undisclosed amount of days (moving a litter box is pretty inconvenient) even after the time period is over because sometimes there will be a new notice with a continued time period.

So far so good. A little confusing about when you move out and to renew lease. Didn't find this out until I officially moved out, handed in keys, then to renew was a little more challenging.

I love everything here at the Forum! The only complaint that I have is how they close the study rooms off and lock the doors for the sky-hallway, so you cannot get through there at night!

As far as accommodations Forum of Tallahassee trumps majority of student living apartments. Keep up the great job this is a great place to live.

Ummm you guys are doing pretty good. Just have to work out new community problems that's all and a better roommate matching program as I'm a senior and wouldn't like to room with freshman

The leasing agents in the front office are rude and not very welcoming or pleasent. They make asking for help very awkward. I dred going into the main lobby sometimes.

Forum is a great place to live. The amenities could not get any better. The apartments are really nice with updated appliances and hardwood floors as well.

I enjoyed living at the forum. I don't have many complaints except the elevator has frequent issues in the 4000 building. Also the whole pool closing at 10pm is a little childish. I mean the pool is on 4feet. Who drowns in 4ft?

Excellent so far! Always give notices in advance about maintenance coming into the apartment. Concierge service is great. Hallways are kept clean most of the time.

I loved my apartment and the staff at the Forum, from the friendliness in the office to the fun times by the pool the Forum really knows how to treat their residents, and make sure that they are extremely pleased with their living experience. They provide us with fun and creative activities for every holiday and event, definetley the best student living in Tallahassee.

I enjoy living at the forum because it's brand new, the apartments are a good size as well as nice contemporary furniture. The two story gym is a nice place to prepare yourself for the kickass pool parties they have as well.

I love being able to call Forum my home. I feel as if I never have to leave the property because everything I need is here. From the 24 hour gym and study room, to the relaxing pool and the fact that I can clean my car or take my dog to the pet park is just some of the many perks of this apartment complex. I've also met a lot of new friends staying here and if there ever is any issues, maintenance is always on point and quick to fix it. Forum is the best complex I have ever lived at, I am very excited to stay here again.

After moving into the Forum at Tallahassee, it became quite evident that you truly do get what you pay for when it comes to student housing, and that's why I could not be happier with my choice at the Forum. To begin with, my biggest fear was having wifi that either didn't work or was slow making it impossible for me to do my work, but each unit having its own router and password, it keeps the internet speeds up and I have never had a problem with it not working. I also love all of the stainless appliances and the wood floors, it gives the apartment a modern feel and you don't have to worry about all the complications of carpet. Finally, the amenities are unparalleled by any other properties in Tallahassee and even though their pool has been closed a couple of times, its worth knowing they are putting in the work to keep their property in top shape, and that after all the work is done, we wont have to worry about any other maintenance happening on it for a long time.

I Love this place! staff is great. No better amenities or club house like they have at The Forum. No need to go anywhere when you have it all at home.

Great experience, resident events are always a good time for hanging out with friends and meeting new people. The apartment itself is pretty spacious and the fact that each room has a bathroom and closet inside is a major benefit.

It's nice having valet service and guests being able to park everywhere. The main flaw of this place is how thin the walls are as well as the floors. You can hear everything that goes on upstairs.

The forum is great, I love how nice the appliances, kitchen and tv are. The tv is huge and great for Xbox, the only think I would say to do is keep the pool open 24 hours and supply a hose for the "car wash station"!

I love living at Forum Tallahassee. The staff works so hard and there are so many perks through out the year for the residents. Including free food, pool parties, movie nights, craft nights, etc.

Excellent so far. Slow to respond to a complaint about a resident who kept had an extra person living in their room but it was finally resolved.