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I enjoy it here. Staff at the front is nice. I enjoy the free coffee. My only issue would be that in the stairwells it can get pretty dirty and needs to be cleaned.

the forum is doing okay we have terrible downstairs neighbors and we also have slow maintenance and the pool never is open and the office is and at responding

Forum apartments are very nice and clean. Management could be a little better but overall a good place to stay as a student. Move-in day was nice and simple with no problems

Nice apartments and location, however the management sucks and the security is unreliable. Our air was broken for 3 weeks, maintenance was unresponsive, and nothing has been done about the countless noise complaints we have filed.

I’ve only lived at the forum for about 3 months and i’m having mixed feelings. for the most part, i like it, but i don’t know if i would consider resigning my lease with them.

I think living in this apartment complex is pretty good, from certain viewpoints. There are some definite improvements that need to be worked on. Otherwise, ti's pretty good here.

Love living at the forum. Always clean, good office staff, and good location. Security always there, nice gym, nice baskebtall court, nic epool, nice volleyball court

Great neighbors, no complaints, Very easy going community with no harsh rules. Amazing parking! Staff in the leasing office is usually helpful.

Tons of turnover within staffing - not consistent documentation or messaging. The apartment was filthy when we go to Tallahassee and had to fight to get clean furniture.

Decent place to live but they will price gouge you. The apartment is nice, the people in the office are generally nice. Make sure you talk to people around the complex before you agree to a price on rent.

The amenities are great, but there always seems to be miscommunication in the office. I am glad that the forum has returned to using the community rewards program though.

Forum at Tallahassee has nice amenities and a working gate at the front which is why I decided to live here. The rating I gave isn't higher because the gym never has towels to wipe any of the machines down and maintenance requests for urgent things (A/C or elevator) are not dealt with right away.

The location is great, the staff is extremely friendly! The maintenance staff needs to be better with their response time. But overall I'm happy with my experience!

It has gone down hill every year i resign. The study rooms dont have wifi and theres no handles on the doors to get into the halls. The gym is missing equipment

Managers always try and accommodate the residence needs. Maintenance does take awhile. Overall a good complex to live in. Signing bonus and rates are competitive with those in the area.

The best place to live! :) The staff is phenomenal who is always doing their best to accommodate for resident's needs. They get the job done.

Could be much better. Everything in the gym is broken. The pool is a free for all of people that are not from here. The basketball gym was used as a storage unit for couches and inventory. Maintenance requests take a while to get “completed”. The only good thing is that the valet garbage is reliable and does the job they’re suppose to do.

Living at The Forum has been a true pleasure so far. The amenities are great and the apartments are good in size and value. The staff are very caring of the residents. I hope to continue having good experiences at The Forum!

Pretty nice community. Could use some work with management, timeliness, and upkeep of things such as hallways, printer, and dog rules. Sometimes they take much longer than what they say to fix things.

It’s been great since i moved in it has been a great experience and i would definitely recommend my friends to come live here and get a great experience of they’re own

The Forum could be near perfect if the owners of the building put effort into hiring the right people for the job. I have seen two different management teams over a year and each are as useless as the last. Very little initiative to actually get things done in a timely and convenient manner for the customers. Move in day is a prime example of this. The last management firm had my family and I standing in line for over three hours along with everyone else. When we did get to the room, it had not been checked and had rotten fruit as well as dirt everywhere. They did put me in a new/clean room which I should give them praise for, but really should not of had to bare witness to complete filth and inconsideration of everyone’s time.

Was very dirty upon move in but, after that everything has been great. Front office staff is amazing and kind. They make sure to work hard to help you with what is needed. :)

10/10, great service and great staff! lovely place! The area is clean and nice and very pleasing to the eye, there's great security and great location where its near things to do but not to close to all the sounds of college town.

Its a great place to live but things are always broken in the study room. The property has dog poop everywhere so I can't even walk my dog without him stepping in it. Overall the staff is nice, I just wish the atmosphere was as nice as how much I am paying.

experience has been great. amentities are cool and the staff is cool. inside the buildings are alright and its nice that dogs are allowed in the apartments