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The Forum at Tallahassee is a beautifully structured space. The staff is better than most other apartment complexes. With that being said, some problems need to be addressed before they can get a higher rating. 1. It is frustrating to bring problems to the office staff and have them do nothing when they said they would. For example, the last individuals who lived in my apartment ruined and soiled the couch. I asked if they could remove it, even if they do not currently have another to replace it. The smell is horrid, where I cannot use the living room for a long time, I cannot have any guess over, and it is messing with my sinuses, but it has been weeks, and nothing has been done. 2. A promise of a gated community is not being upheld. 3. My kitchen water comes out cloudy sometimes, but I was told other buildings have it worse since many do not have running water. 4. The TV was broken even before me and my roommate moved in, and months later, it has not been replaced.

Everything is so nice as well as my neighbors and roommates. The community events and management team have been very helpful in my transition from campus life to moving into an independent living arrangement for

I really like the environment and my room, but things like the wifi and cable being really bad, and the gate never closing, really makes living here un enjoyable at times. Also, it sometimes takes a few days for important maintenance requests to be filled.

I haven't started living at Forum Tallahassee yet, but I thoroughly enjoyed my tour and was sold within minutes. I can't wait to move their in August and become apart of the community. Super excited to make new connections.

I like it. I’m not resigning because I want to be closer to campus. It’s not bad, but it’s not great lol. I don’t like how the gates aren’t closed and the office continues to lie and say they’re being fixed when they really aren’t.

nice rooms, and great staff always willing to help. apartmetn was clean when first moving in and my roomamte is amazing. the pool is well kept along with other amenties

I am very glad I chose to live here. Affordable prices, close to campus, responsive maintenance, nice amenities, and a constantly clean living space.

It’s not what I expected; from the roommate matching (lack of) process to the empty promises (i.e. that there’s a printer in the study room, that the wifi in the study room works, etc), my time as a resident here was and still is not the best.

I love the forum! Great location for college students & the social atmosphere is awesome!The staff are friendly and helpful! The office is fantastic with communicating with the residents!

It has been alright. I wish the gate would close like you guys advertised it would. My community is pretty quite and well kept. Wish the elevators were cleaner then they are in building 3.

I’ve lived somewhere new every year for all 4 years and this is the best place yet. Hence why I signed a new lease so soon. Great staff, amenities, and really nice environment.

Signing my lease was super easy and the font office staff was amazing and answered all of our questions. Love the Starbucks station in the clubhouse!!

It's a great place to live and great customer service. The only thing is the gate has been broken since 8 months ago and not fixed and it's letting random people into the complex which is not good

WiFi needs work but relatively happy with Forum, gates that work would be nice but to this point relatively happy with lease and where I chose to live

The staff is always so helpful and kind and it really is the best bang for your buck! There are always events to look forward to and you can really enjoy the environment!

Great apartment and friendly staff! Everyone is so helpful and nice to talk to. Also, I love the Starbucks machine. Great amenities as well.

Great price, the maintenance staff are always kind, friendly and complete requests super fast. Packages take super long to get to you, which is the only draw back

Service requests never get done, dryer broken since move in. Our building always smells terrible. Good for cost, but wouldnt resign. Would recommend if you didnt care about never getting in contact

Nice living amenities, nice community and pool. Only complaints would be that the gym is missing weights and maintenance sometimes takes a forever to respond to a request.

Everything has been great so far, the only thing I would change is a little more maintenance and cleaning. Sometimes the girls bathrooms are out of toilet paper and soap. Also the gym runs out of wipes quickly. But I like how everything is pretty accessible, there are lots of great opportunities to win prizes and the people in the front office are pretty nice.

It’s not too bad living here, the neighbors are decent, the amenities are nice and my unit is well kept. I just wish the staff would act more on problems when we tell them such as fixing the gate and maintenance issues.

I love forum! They have amazing customer service and the environment itself is so welcoming and always clean and well kept. I also feel like if there is ever a problem, forum is willing to help solve it.

it pretty cool, the place is nice and modern, my roommate sucks though i think he lied on his application because me and him are polar opposites so the matching system didn’t really work out. but that wasn’t y’all’s fault so it’s whatever.

it’s been great so far, the living environment is very nice and I intend to live here for a couple years to get through college. This complex is very pretty and has a great living environment