Happy New Year! What’s New for You?!

January 7, 2019

At the start of every New Year we make a list of goals to tackle for the next 365 days. So how do you keep the resolutions to save money, lose weight, or take the trip of a lifetime?

Check out the tips below on how to successfully stay on pace to reach your goals:

    1. Be realistic. Make your goal attainable
    2. Think ahead. Planning for the future instead of leaving things to chance will help put key pieces in place
    3. Design a reward system. Working toward a goal with mini celebrations along the way are ways to encourage yourself
    4. Have a goal buddy. Pick someone you can trust to confide in and help hold you accountable
    5. Make a pro and con list. Figure out what the good and bad of attaining your goal will be so you can adjust as needed in the process to success
    6. Track your progress. Seeing the little wins along the way will help keep your focus
    7. Be kind. Don’t beat yourself up if you fall short at times. It’s a process, and that’s why you have 365 days to reach the finish line

No matter your goal, be proud you are challenging yourself to something new. This time next year you’ll be happy you did!