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Move in was super chaotic! I waited three hours just to get told my name wasn't gonna be checked in yet, and then I got back in line to wait another three hours to finally be checked in. Then I had to wait for my key to be made right in front of me. I finally got to move in after like 7 hours of waiting around.

My apartment is very nice and enjoyable. There are good appliances and lots of space throughout the rooms, kitchen, and living space. The amenities are also very cool.

I love living here, the people it´s so nice and the amenities like the pool or the gym are so good. You have one park for your pets also. I really recommend Forum.

Great amenities! Love the pool and walking acess to the gym! Apartments itself come with many appliances and spacious rooms! Even the non walk in closets are big!

Really love the apartment complex! Common area and kitchen are big and room sizes are perfect. one of the best features is the walk-in closet and the size of the bathroom.

Forum was a great place to live. Everyone who worked there always helped me out. I lived there for about 1 year til the new manager took over and from there things started to fall apart.

So far my experience has been great!! Very helpful staff and fantastic facilities. The apartment is perfect and my roommates are the best. Would highly recommend.

This apartment is very nice and homy. It was a little work to thoroughly clean, but other than that it was very nice. The staff are very chill people and will help with any problem you have. Overall, so far so good!

A wholesome experience. It feels like a home away from home with a kind hearted and caring staff and community as well. I recommend it to anyone.

When I first moved into the Forum, I hated it. Now, with this new management, the people that work up front actually want to help and fix your problems.

Very good, nice people, amenities are nice with good space and a fair price for the location. The staff is very nice and always willing to help

Place is well kept up. Management and grounds keepers are very friendly and will work with you. The rooms and building are in great shape. There’s always work being done to better the area. All in all, great atmosphere and property.

I love This Neighborhood It’s Quiete The neighbors are friendly , rooms are a nice size and the roommates we got matched with are actually good I’m in love

Love the site and the location of this apartment complex, but upon moving in I found out the hard way that units of renewing residents are not cleaned before new people move in, so I moved into an apartment that has been lived in for 1+ year and has the dirt to show it.

I havent had any problems! I love living here! I have lives here for a year and renewed my lease for this next year! I live in a 4x4 and its great!

The Forum Apartments in Tallahassee is one of the best communities in the FSU and TCC area. The pool, gym, business center, tanning, and other concierge services are next level. When you compile the cost of the mere memberships for the amenities with the affordable rental rates, you end up with savings of not just money, but also a savings of time in your day. The staff is always ready to assist you and has office hours that surpass the competition. It's been a great experience so far and I look forward to another year here at The Forum.

I enjoyed my stay at the forum, a little pricey but I guess I got my money's worth. Some of the office staff can be a little condescending. Too many meaningless emails alloeed to me to miss one important email.

My experience at Forum has been better than any past experience I've had in my 3 years living in Tallahassee. I love it so much this is the first year I renewed instead of moving again

Choosing to live at Forum during my college years has been an amazing decision. From their amazing amenities to stellar customer service there is no where else I would rather live.

love the pool, rooms are nice however staff has been rude to me when i was simply asking a question, same thing happened to my friend as well.

though I have not moved in yet, I can say that I am pleased so far by my tour experience. The staff were very friendly and were willing to answer any question I had. I will give updates once I settle in.

Just moved in and have no complaints. I like to see all the dogs and the pool is very beautiful. Will have to live here longer to see what else is offered.

My experience at forum has been great. I really appreciate having a superb maintence crew. Whenever there is a problem that I report, they are quick to handle it. The community is also really clean which is important to me.

Haven't moved in yet but 14 days until I do! Very excited about living at the Forum this year. I can't wait to make the most out of it including using their amazing gym!

I love the forum so far, great place to live. Definitely would recommend to others. Staff is nice and so are the other residents. Everyone gets along great.

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