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A very good place to live while you’re a student at any local college. Not only is it affordable but its also reasonable. So glad i chose this place!

I love living here, very convenient. Great amenities, but the dog park needs work. The hallways are usually pretty dirty and the walls are thin.

Maintenance is an issue here. But over all the amenities and nice place make up for it . The staff is friendly but doesn’t really help. The coffee is great

Living at The Forum has been a wonderful experience! All the featutes and utilities are great for first year students and TCC is within walking distance :)

I love it here. It’s awesome. The free coffee is crazy awesome. I would definitely refer a friend to live here. I cannot wait to see new people and make new friends here.

Pretty good so far, the apartments themselves could have better noise insulation though. Not only do I sometimes people hear talking, I can also somewhat distinguish their words.

My experience thus far has been great. The faculty has been very helpful and the amenities such as as the pool and gym are perfect. I would recommend the Forum.

At first there were a few complications but management handled them very well and so far it has been really great, even though I’ve only been living here a month. I would give 5 stars but I noticed in my account that I have a few unit transfer charges billed to my account and I do not feel that I should be charged for transferring units when I was first placed in a unit with smokers even after I stated in my lease that I was extremely allergic to cigarette smoke.

Living at forum is fun, the amenities are good, internet is good, cable could be better I wouldn't mind paying $10 extra for an HD package but not too much of a problem

Great so far I’ve been in for a month now. The neighborhood is well kept and I don’t get much noise from my neighbors either so that’s always a plus.

I like how clean and big the apartments are. When we moved in our dishwasher wasn’t working but they were quick to respond to my maintanence request! Only downfall is no wifi around the area.

I had a very terrible move in experience. My room was not cleaned, my living room was a mess, and the kitchen was repulsive. I am ecstatic with joy with the way that the Forum has handled my complaints. It is my personal opinion that I am living in the best complex in Tallahasssee and regardless of the issues in the beginning, the staff has gone above and beyond to satisfy my needs! Thank you forum!

I love living here, the staff is very attentive and friendly. Parking is very easy and amenities are nice and clean. You get a lot for what you pay for.

Safe, clean, and friendly living environment. Great location, close to just about everything. Enjoy living here and would recommend to friends.

There is never any toilet paper or soap in the gym bathrooms. The walls are paper thin yet you can't hear anything from the outside in the front office. I also haven't received the $400 I was promised for renewing back in January.

I love living here the community is quiet at night and the forum offers awesome amenities. The apartments are very nice inside as well. Great community

Best place to stay in Tallahassee. Before coming to Tallahassee I didn’t know what to expect, but Forum made me feel feel at home. The residents are very pleasant, as well as the staff that always makes sure things are going ones way.

My experience with the forum has been amazing, the staff and the management team are very friendly they make sure to meet all of our demands ASAP

So far so good. A little confused by this "points" system. BUT, when I signed my lease back in June I was told that I would receive a $500 credit that I thought I could use towards my rent. However, I was directed to this website instead, which looks like I will just receive cards, none of which give me $500?

Love it. Minus the fact there’s NEVER toilet paper in the bathroom at the gym. I also think there shouldn’t be wood on upper floors because of noise levels.

Very nice apartment overall, a little noisy with people above but overall ok for the most part. Amenities are great and very joyful to use, I love the pool!!

Everything is great no major issues besides the furniture not being updated and minor issues in my bedroom. The community is good and quiet and I feel safe

Amenities are awesome: gym is well kept, pool is big, sand volleyball court is fun, and the dog stations make it very convent for those with animals. Staff is very friendly and helpful. Rooms are the perfect size: nice granite counters in bathroom and kitchen.

The amenities are great. The resident appreciation week is great. Staff is very helpful and I have absolutely loved living here, going into my second year at the Forum.

It was good. The maintenance were a good time to respond. I like the area and the community. It’s really chill and nice. Having friends over to hang out or just to party was easy because the place is a good size

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